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  • Double Head Stone Engraving Machine

Double Head Stone Engraving Machine

Technical Parameter
Spec CS-1530-2/CS-3015-2
Processing size 1500*3000/3000*1500
Fees height ≤400 (customizable)
Spindle power 5.5/7.5 (customizable)
Driving system Servo (customizable)
Control system NC studio /shanlong/RichAuto DSP (customizable)
Cooling system Water cooling
Transmission system Square rail, rack, screw
Working Voltage AC 380V/50HZ /AC220V/50HZ
Command code G code NC, ENG
Processing precision ±0.05
Table structure Stainless steel, aluminum profile, PVC board

Industry and application

1. System upgrades increase machine stability, lower system error rates, and enable remote control of the machine via a mobile phone by connecting the system to the internet.

2. Processing efficiency is increased by at least 25%, and the machine can run at a speed of 20 meters.

The processing efficiency can rise by 25% with the same processing speed.

3. Perfect oil circuit system: Y axis, oil tank; XZ axis, independent oil pump supply for each head.

4. Independent appearance design patent with the ideal shape.