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80300 CNC Stone Profiling and Polishing Machine

Technical Parameter
Spec CS-80300-1
Processing Size Distance between two saw blades :850mm 
Machine overall size 3500mm*5000mm*2500mm-Installation size
Control System CHAOSHENG Auto CAD version system
Main motor power 18.5KW
Maximum saw blade Diameter : φ600mm
Motor AC SERVO-Fully servo
Travelling rail Y 30 double linear guide rail with oil groove on both sides,X/ Z 45 linear guide rail
Ball Screw System Ball screw for Z axis and with four guide columns
Transmission Reducer
Cooling System Water-cooling for blades
Lubrication system Automatic oil filling system
Lathe bed Heavy-duty square tube welding body,  Excluded concrete support and metal working table
Dust protection Fully enclosed
Instruction Auto CAD files, G-code self programming,  nc

Industry and application

1. One-click CAD line import

2. Independent research and development system, the machine is more adaptive

3. Simple operation, 30 minutes to learn

4. Humanized design, convenient for loading and unloading

5. Line processing, one-time molding without manual throwing

6. The Z-axis is upgraded with double guide posts, running smoothly and with high precision

7. X.Y axis oil tank, protection and upgrade are more durable

8. To create a full body casting, strong and stable performance